Tracy McNeil – PBS 106.7FM ‘Studio 5 Live’ | CeeKayBass

That’s the astounding Bree Hartley on drums.

The band was cooking on this one, despite the artificial studio environment – a full 45 min live set in a small room with no audience. As Tracy says during the performance, it’s like being in a rehearsal room but with better sound! This was right before leaving for the last leg of the tour in Brisvegas, a nice way to warm up.

Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife, PBS 106.7FM ‘Studio 5 Live’ August 21 2014.
Tracy McNeil – vocals, acoustic guitar
Luke Sinclair – electric guitar, BVs
Dan Parsons – electric guitar, BVs
Bree Hartley – drums, BVs
Craig Kelly – bass, BVs

Full details including description and audio here, or direct link to audio here.